23 December 2021

I flew in from JFK twenty-four hours ago, I'm waiting for my swab test results, wearing my auntie's comfiest FILA sweats, and enjoying the rainy-but-relatively-warmer-compared-to-the-East-Coast weather. Hello SFO, here I am, barely avoiding omicron. Until I've fully righted myself to Pacific Time, let me share about my NYC trip!

12 December 2021

I just submitted my last exam for the first semester forty minutes ago, and I’m leaving for New York in about sixteen hours with my luggage still unpacked. But look at me, having the sudden urge to write about my many trips to Boston. Is it a couple of weeks, months, too late? Sure. But hey, let’s just roll with it.

Boston is just an hour away from Concord.

Or maybe I should say Concord is an hour away from Boston, if we're going to be taking on the point of view of a tourist (which sometimes I feel like I still am, despite having been here for five months already). It's my port of entry when I first got here last July, after all. The nice thing about it being just a bus ride away is that whenever I feel suffocated about the small-town life, I can always run away and find peace in the city. Okay, the irony is not lost on me. Yes, I'm a city girl through and through! I grew up near an airport, on a busy street! The city is more comforting to me! I wouldn't have seriously considered a law school in Concord if it was actually in the middle of nowhere. Having Boston nearby makes me feel a little less homesick.

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