It's still winter out here, by the way

It took me long enough, right? It's -15° C, right after a snowstorm, and my third-going-on-fourth month of winter. You'd think I have more to say about it. The truth is it's hard to encapsulate the feeling of wonder, fascination, and — admittedly — slight exasperation that comes with everyday sub-zero temperatures. Though some days can be a struggle, there's a lot of joy in it too. Skiing, sledding, tubing, you name it, I've tried it. How can I not when I'm at the heart of one of the coldest states in the whole New England region? I'm right smack in the middle of a Hallmark winter-in-a-charming-little-town movie, to be honest.

Our winter break is almost over (yes, we have winter break instead of spring break) and as expected, I spent most of it indoors and trying to get ahead on my papers and assignments. But hey— I'm not that much of tita. As much as I would have loved spending this entire week just nestled comfortably under my thick blankets, I also figured I needed to take advantage of this winter weather as much as I can, because even though I am not loving it right now (my bones hath frozen over), I am pretty sure I will miss it when I'm back in the scorching heat of Manila. 

Some winter-y photos for posterity! These are photos from the last few months. (Will add in captions later!) 

Look at me trying to get over my fear of cats, just to rub the freakin' school mascot's supposedly lucky nose!! This better bring me all the good fortune in the world! (Tried thinking that I'm a Wildcat from High School Musical to make this work!)

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