26 March 2022

"More and more, in a place like this, we feel ourselves part of wild Nature, kin to everything."

— John Muir

When my UP law friends from New York and DC asked me to come with them to Acadia National Park last week, I could not say no. I said yes willingly and excitedly although their spring break didn't quite coincide with my winter break. (Winter never ends in New Hampshire, it seems.) I really wanted to go. I figured an extended weekend trip for this would be worth it because not only do I get to meet up with friends from back home, but I'd also have a reason to see a new place that I otherwise would not have been able to visit by myself. 

I am so glad that I did. 

09 March 2022

It took me long enough, right? It's -15° C, right after a snowstorm, and my third-going-on-fourth month of winter. You'd think I have more to say about it. The truth is it's hard to encapsulate the feeling of wonder, fascination, and — admittedly — slight exasperation that comes with everyday sub-zero temperatures. Though some days can be a struggle, there's a lot of joy in it too. Skiing, sledding, tubing, you name it, I've tried it. How can I not when I'm at the heart of one of the coldest states in the whole New England region? I'm right smack in the middle of a Hallmark winter-in-a-charming-little-town movie, to be honest.

Our winter break is almost over (yes, we have winter break instead of spring break) and as expected, I spent most of it indoors and trying to get ahead on my papers and assignments. But hey— I'm not that much of tita. As much as I would have loved spending this entire week just nestled comfortably under my thick blankets, I also figured I needed to take advantage of this winter weather as much as I can, because even though I am not loving it right now (my bones hath frozen over), I am pretty sure I will miss it when I'm back in the scorching heat of Manila. 

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